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Jagannath University Admission Test ( 2011 - 2012 )

Jagannath University Bangladesh Admission (2011 -2012 ) , Information Jagannath University Admission Test Seat Plan , Jagannath University Admission Test Results ( 2011 - 2012 )

Jagannath University is a government financed public university located in Sadarghat, Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh.Though this university received its university status in 2005 but it counts its history as an educational institution since 1858 when it was initially formed as Dhaka Brahma School. In 1884 its status was updated to higher secondary college which was further revised in 1975 when Jagannath started taking students in Honours and Masters programs. Its higher secondary program continued for 92 years until it was officially closed in 1982. In 2005 college was granted university status and became Jagannath University. On 22 June 2009 a bill was placed in the parliament to assign the president as chancellor replacing the prime minister.

Jagannath University of Bangladesh admission test result 2009-2010. If you want to Jagannath University admission test results, then you can check out below.

Click for Ga Unit Admission Test Result 2009-2010

Click for Jagannath University KHA Unit Admission Test Result 2009-2010

Click for KA Unit Admission Test Result 2009-2010


There are four faculties in this university. These are:

Faculty of Arts

There are eight departments in this faculty

* Department of Bengali

* Department of English

* Department of Philosophy

* Department of General History

* Department of Islamic History & Culture

* Department of Islamic Studies

* Department of Law

* Department of Anthropology

Faculty of Social Science

There are five departments in this university:

* Department of Economics

* Department of Political Science

* Department of Sociology

* Department of Social Work
* Departmant of Journalism

Faculty of Science

This faculty has eight departments. The departments of this faculty are

* Department of Physics

* Department of Chemistry

* Department of Mathematics

* Department of Statistics

* Department of Botany

* Department of Zoology

* Department of Geography & Environment

* Department of Psychology

* Department of Pharmacy

* Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology

* Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Business Studies

This faculty is consist of four department. those are

* Management: Management department is the leading dept of the faculty. From 2005 to present (25.04.09) four batches has been studying here. Each batch consists of 200 students.

* Accounting: Each batch consists of 200 students

* Marketing. Each batch consists of 100 students

* Finance. Each batch consists of 100 students

There are 600 sitting for every session. Of them 400 for Management and Accounting, another 200 for Marketing and Finance. Student get 132 credit hour to complete the full course. There are eight semester and they have to complete those in four year. The dean of this faculty is Md. Abul Klam. He is also the chairman of the management dept.

The university starts its BBA program in 2005. In past this university was under NU. Still now here are student of Honour's degree. Only BBA program is run, MBA will be lunched in future said by the authority.

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